Jay Park Appears on "Gag Concert"

Jay Park appeared on the latest episode of KBS2 Gag Concert,” which was aired on February 5. To many people’s pleasant surprise, he appeared in the highly popular corner, “Emotional Castle” and gave many laughs to the audience and viewers.

Jay Park played an assassin from an enemy country, who broke into the “Emotional Castle.” When the soldiers of the “Emotional Castle” asked Jay Park to leave his current country and rejoin their forces, he replied, “Don’t kid yourselves,” but kept intentionally mispronouncing the rest of the line, which produced many laughs from the audience.

A bit later, Jay Park’s character was being forced to drink poison. He mispronounced another line at this moment – he was supposed to say, “I have a wish,” but instead, he said, “I have a Song Eun Ee” (the Korean word for “wish” is “so won,” which sounds similar to Song Eun Ee, who is a female comedian). This also caused a wave of laughter from the audience.

Jay Park’s wish before he drank the poison was to dance. While dancing, he spilled all of his poison. Then, when asked, “Did you do that on purpose?” Jay Park answered, “What?! How did you know,” which is a famous one-liner from this particular corner. Many were delighted with Jay Park’s perfect imitation of that particularly popular one-liner.

Meanwhile, besides Jay Park, T-ara’s Eunjung and Noel’s Kim Jin also appeared on this episode of “Gag Concert.”

Check out the clip of Jay Park in “Gag Concert” below!