Dream High 2 Broadcast Fail

Dream High 2 had an “oops” moment. For episode 3 that was broadcast on February 6, Dream High 2 had a pretty bad screen error. It occurred around 11pm Korean time.

JB (Portrayed by JB) and Yoojin were trying to save Siwoo (Potrayed by Park Seo Joon) and they got involved in a fight. The screen error occurred during the scene between JB and Siwoo when they were talking in the hospital.

While the two were having a conversation, small dots began to cover Park Seo Joon’s face. Also, their conversation is supposed to have also increased in length.

Netizens stated, “I was suspicious of my own eyes,” “That was a broadcasting error right?” “The whole nation is watching, they should be more wary,” and “It hasn’t been that long since their first broadcast…”

The first broadcast of Dream High 2 was on January 30.