Lee Min Ho "I Was Envious of Yoo Seung Ho"

Moon that Embraces the Sun” actor Lee Min Ho talked about being envious over Yoo Seung Ho. On the episode of SBS “Strong Heart” that will be broadcast on February 7, Lee Min Ho stated, “In the past I had the same popularity as Yoo Seung Ho when he appeared in the drama ‘Magic Fighter Mirgaon.’ However, Yoo Seung Ho then suddenly became so famous that I was envious.”

On this episode, Lee Min Ho also talked about his hardships of being a child actor and also gave a few behind stories of “Moon that Embraces the Sun.”

In other Lee Min Ho news, he appeared on MBC’s “Section TV Celebrity Communication” and had a brief interview. There he spoke about looking a lot like Jung Il Woo. He stated, “Even when I look at him Jung Il Woo looks like a more mature version of me, I think that is why he really capture the character. I think our faces are about 70% similar.”