Won Bin vs So Ji Sub for Melodramatic Roles

Won Bin and So Ji Sub will both be appearing in melodramas! So Ji Sub will appear in a drama, while Won Bin is strongly considering a role in a melodrama film.

Both actors are #1 on casting lists whenever a film or drama is created. Also, both actors are looking to appear in melodramatic roles.

After the 2010 film “The Man from Nowhere,” Won Bin has been declining different movie and drama roles stating that he wants to act in the melodramatic genre. Currently Won Bin is strongly considering a film that will begin filming in the summer.

So Ji Sub will be returning to television with a melo drama. (Melodramatic Drama) The drama will be about love between a man and a woman who are in their 30s.

An industry expert stated, “Won Bin and So Ji Sub are top stars that represent male actors in their 30s. The numbers of their female fans are significant. When the two decide to take on melodramatic roles, their star power adds more energy to their acting.”