Future Look of "Infinity Challenge" Members?

A photoshopped image of the members of “Infinity Challenge” has surfaced the web and is becoming quite a hot topic. On many different Internet forums, an image named “Infinity Challenge: 30 Years Later” has been posted.

This image was indeed created by an “Infinity Challenge” fan, who used his/her imagination and drew out what each member would look like 30 years from now. With the exception of HaHa, it seems like everyone will need to deal with balding. Yoo Jae Suk only had hair remaining on his sides and without much hair, he looks a bit sharper. A photoshopped Park Myung Soo and Noh Hong Chul also showed signs of balding.

Netizens commented, “I guess even Yoo God can’t avoid balding,” “This person did a good job on highlighting each members’ unique characters,” “I guess Haha did a good job on taking care of himself,” and much more.

Meanwhile, “Infinity Challenge” taking a break due to the strikes at MBC.

Is this what the “Infinity Challenge” members after 30 years look like in your head?