Moon That Embraces the Sun: Lee Min Ho Talks About Dating

Lee Min Ho appeared on the episode of “Strong Heart” that was broadcast on February 7. He spoke about his past relationships. He also spoke about having difficulties when he was a teenager for living the life as an actor, because he did not choose that path. However, he was motivated by Yoo Seung Ho and had a stronger heart afterwards.

The MC Lee Seung Gi asked, “Have you ever dated before?” Lee Min Ho paused at the question.

Lee Min Ho tried to diffuse the situation by, “I heard that you need to have dating experience in order to be a good actor.” The other guests stated, “It’s the same for music,” “It is the same for variety shows,” “People always say that.”

Lee Min Ho was asked about his personal dating style. He answered, “I give everything and people get tired of me easily. I have always been dumped. My mother always knows when I am in a relationship. I try to hide my relationships but my mother always finds out.”