Yang Hyun Suk (Hereafter, YG) spoke about the highly popular SBS K-Pop Star and revealed more information about the show. Currently on the show the group “Su Pearls” has enormous popularity.

YG stated, “When ‘Su Pearls’ first came out, they were moving themselves. However, JYP, BoA, and the viewers were all moved by their performance. Besides ‘Su Pearls’ I didn’t know that there were so many skilled individuals, the future of Korea’s musical content is bright.”

The idea where the big three agencies would judge an audition program was first brought up by YG himself, 3 years ago. He stated, “If the show had gone the direction it would have back then, ‘SBS K-Pop Star’ would not have been as successful. The show will be even more fun when it begins the live performances beginning in March.”

YG also revealed a promise that was made between himself, JYP, and BoA. There can be no company interests involved, the process needs to be fair, and also the three agencies need to keep away from the mindset of making money by training these contestants. Also, YG stated “At the end of the program the 1st to 3rd place will choose whichever agency they want to go to.” However, they have not yet chosen if it will only be 1st place or 2nd and 3rd as well.

YG also gave a few words about the other judges JYP and BoA. About JYP he stated, “JYP is a pure artist. He knows a lot about music. I accept what I should, and just leave things at that.” About Boa he stated, “BoA has experiences both in Japan and the U.S. She can tell more about her experiences performing on stage.” He ended by saying “I believe the three of us work together to make up for what aspects we lack in.”