IU Gives a Middle School Girl Cheerful Advice

IU’s cheerful advice given to a middle school fan is making waves around the internet. On IU’s official fan café “U Ae( Chinese Character for Love) Na” a 15 year old girl wrote about her problems. The girl wrote, “I want to be a robot engineer. However, I am always getting teased for the fact that I make robots. It is hard for me because of the people with prejudice. Should I merely leave my robot making a hobby?”

IU replied by saying, “Wow you are so cool. You have parents to help you at and you seem to have the ability yourself. Aren’t you merely just afraid yourself? Do what you want to do. It seems like that job might cost a lot of money. Try your best while thinking about your parents that trust you! I will cheer you on!”

Netizens that have come across the post stated, “This is probably why IU is loved so much,” “IU knows how to repay the love from fans!” “You can’t dislike her. She is pretty and has common sense,” and IU is a real angel.”