Jay Park Reaches No.1 on U.S. iTunes R&B/Soul Chart

Jay Park‘s newly released album “New Breed” is taking over music charts all over the world. The album has been ranked no.1 on US itunes R&B/Soul chart. It has also been ranked in the top 5 on the Australian and Japanese itunes, continuing to gain world-wide recognition. He is also thriving in Korea. The title song from the album, “Know Your Name,” has topped Mnet and Cyworld’s music charts and has been ranked high on all other online music charts.  

“New Breed” shows that Jay Park is not just a good singer and dancer, but also capable of producing a quality album as he wrote more than 80% of the songs and was in charge of the overall production. With the help from famous artists like Dynamic Duo and Rob Knox, who was previously Justin Timberlake‘s producer, many critics praised that Jay Park has accomplished near-perfection with “New Breed” as an artist. 

A famous music critic, No Joon Young, mentioned Jay Park on twitter, “‘Know Your Name’ shows that Jay Park ‘Knows His Name.’ We need to recognize him as an artist now. He shows outstanding understanding of Hip Hop and Electronic Hip Hop genre among his contemporaries.” 

Check out Jay Park’s newest song “Know Your Name”s music video below!