Kangta to Make a Come Back In The First Half of the Year

Kangta revealed his plans to make a comeback later this year at the press conference of Mnet “The Voice of Korea.” He stated, “I plan on making a comeback in the first half of the year. I am currently working on a new album. Since it’s the first album in four years, I want to bring something different. So I am even getting dance lessons separately.” 

When asked about H.O.T.‘s reunion, Kangta answered, “I believe that we all feel the same way about it, we want to do it. We even talked about the reunion, but there are just way too many conditions to consider and schedules to organize. Due to these problems, all five of us are somewhat hesitant.”

“The Voice of Korea” is the officially licensed Korean version of music survival program “the Voice.” “The Voice” is originally from Holland and aired as “The Voice of Holland” on September 17, 2010. “The Voice” aims to judge its contestants solely based on their voices, excluding other factors such as looks, background, and performances. “The Voice of Korea” is going to air on February 10 at 11pm on Mnet. 

Check out the trailer of “the Voice of Korea” below!