Video of SNSD Going Through Airport Security Attracts Attention

A couple of days ago, a fan video of SNSD at John F. Kennedy International Airport in New York was uploaded to YouTube, attracting a lot of attention from fans. The fanvid caught the girls arriving at the airport and going through security. Despite being one the biggest hallyu stars, the girls looked like any other traveler, saying their goodbyes, taking their coats and shoes off, and looking happy but tired. At one point in the video, SNSD’s Tiffany looked up and said bye.

Fans who saw the video commented, “I wonder how this person shot this,” “Even if they’re SNSD, they still have to go through airport security haha,” “Tiffany is so adorable,” and more. 

Meanwhile, SNSD held a signing event at the music corner of Best Buy in Union Square on February 2. Over 1,300 American fans flooded the venue, forcing Best Buy to shut down a part of its operations and requesting help from NYPD to maintain order. According to SM Entertainment, this was the first time since Lady Gaga’s fan event that Best Buy had to shut down its normal operations.