f(x) Luna Graduates from High School

On February 7, Luna from f(x) attended her high school graduation ceremony at Seoul Lira Art High School. She wore her high school uniform for the last time at the ceremony. Luna told Star News, “I want to have a long conversation with my friends after the ceremony. It is so sad to be apart from them. But high school graduation only means the new beginning. So I am going to do my best in everything in the future.”

Luna will be a college student in March. At the end of last year, she got accepted to Chung Ang University as a theater major. Luna has recently widened her area of expertise to theatrical performance as she has been performing in musical theater and is a recurring cast of “Saving Ko Bong Shil Ajumma.” 

T-ara‘s Jiyeon, who is Luna’s classmate at Lira Art High School, could not attend the graduation ceremony due to the film of “Dream High 2.” Best of luck to the two newly grads!