Why Did E.I. Personally Want to Meet f(x)’s Sulli?

Singer E.I. expressed his interest in meeting f(x)‘s Sulli. E.I. said that his agency’s CEO recently talked about Sulli’s childhood. E.I. stated, “Until this day, he could not stop praising Sulli’s looks. He said Sulli was a natural beauty with great talent even as a child.” 

E.I.’s agency, Plus-K Entertainment, hosted “Beautiful Children Contest” back in 2005 in Yeoeuido. At this contest, Sulli won the “Big Ribbon Child Award.” Many judges, including the CEO of Plus-K Entertainment, were awestruck by Sulli and her potential as a future star. E.I. stated, “She has become a legend in my agency’s history and I would love to meet her in person!” 

Netizens commented, “I’m once again amazed by Sulli,” “She was so cute,” and “she’s getting prettier!” 

Sulli back in 2005