Lee Seung Gi’s First Love Was Named "Kim S.K."

Lee Seung Gi reveals that his first love’s family name was “Kim,” with “S.K.” as the initials of her given name. The singer-actor slipped in this information on the February 7 episode of the SBS talk show “Strong Heart.”

On the episode, Lee Seung Gi asked guest Moon Hee Ok to sing her song, “The Family Name Is Kim.” After that, Lee Seung Gi mimicked Moon Hee Ok’s distinctive singing voice and rendered his own version. In the spirit of fun, MC Boom asked Lee Seung Gi to continue singing the song, but replacing the lyrics with the initials of his first love.

“She could be watching,” Lee Seung Gi said, but he obliged. He then divulged that his first love is named “Kim S.K.”

Is there any celebrity name that comes to mind?