Hyomin’s Winning Hand in the Female Trio’s Victory on Running Man

Hyomin of T-Ara is proud of her victory prize: the winning gold ring.

On February 5, Hyomin wrote on her Twitter account and uploaded a shot of her prized ring. “Today is a victorious day for the Charlie’s Angels team on ‘Running Man’! The grand prize for the victors was this ring -mwahaha.” wrote Hyomin.

The SBS show “Sundays Are Good – Running Man” that aired on the same day starred Hyomin with other surprise guests, Go Ara and Lim Su Hyang. As a female trio, the team played the role of spies on this popular show. They suceeded in taking out all the other Running Man members. Hyomin proudly attracts attention to the prized ring on her finger in her publically uploaded photo.

Immediate response from netizens include: “I’m envious of your winning hand,” “Congrats on your victory on Running Man,” “So you get to take home the prize,” “The Running Man episode was a lot of fun,” and the likes.

Hyomin's winning prize from Running Man.