Han Hyo Joo’s Outfit in Japan Garners Attention

Recently, photos of actress Han Hyo Joo in Japan surfaced various online communities. Titled “Paparazzi Shots of Han Hyo Joo in Japan,” the photos captured Han Hyo Joo riding the subway unnoticed by those around her. In the photos, she appeared comfortable yet stylish, keeping her look simple with a tee, blazer, shorts, and a scarf. Her extremely short shorts did not go unnoticed by her fans. With her legs crossed over, it was impossible to see what she was wearing. Additionally, the minimal makeup really brought out her soft features and perfect complexion

Netizens commented, “Where is her pants?” “She usually dresses so wholesome in Korea,” “I’ve never seen Han Hyo Joo in a ‘bottomless fashion’ in Korea. Guess she’s trying something new in Japan,” “She can pull off any look,” and more.

Meanwhile, Han Hyo Joo has two movies lined up for 2012. She’s currently filming I Am the King of Chosun” with Lee Byeon Heon. Once she wraps up “I Am the King of Chosun,” she will jump into filming Band-Aid” with Go Soo.