Park Si Hoo Reveals Story of Living in Basement Storage Space

Actor Park Si Hoo revealed his story of sleeping in a basement storage space back when he was an unknown actor.

On February 6, during the afternoon airing of KBS 2TV’s “Star Life Theater,” Park Si Hoo revealed in his segment a hidden secret behind his honest and bright character.

Park Si Hoo came to Seoul from his hometown, Buyeo, as an independent actor pursuing his dream.  For nearly 10 years, he acted in various minor roles on TV and on the stage, gaining acting experience and slowly, but surely, climbing the star rankings.

As a 20-year old high school graduate, Park Si Hoo acted in theatrical plays and modeled in magazines with all the little parts he could get in order to realize his dream of being a great actor someday.

Looking back on that time in his life, Park Si Hoo begins to tell his story.  “There was a hallway so narrow that it could only fit one person at a time.  I saw that it was being used to collect emptied out cardboard boxes for recycling.  I built a portable cardboard bed in that hallway and began my life as an actor there.”

He continues, “Because the hallway was located in the basement, there were times when water would pool up down there.  Therefore, there were times when I would lay out newspapers and sleep on them.  I couldn’t use a blanket, however, because it would get wet.  So, I slept using newspapers as my blanket.”

The show also revealed a little about the practice and filming location for Park Si Hoo’s current work with his first screen debut, “Confession of Murder.