SPICA to Alter Lyrics of "Russian Roulette"

SPICA, the five-member girl group that just debuted this past January, is facing a problem with their lyrics. MBC has told them that they need to change some of their lyrics so that the song is deemed fit for broadcast.

A spokesperson for SPICA’s company, B2M Entertainment, explained that the lyrics in the title track, “Russian Roulette,” (which went on sale February 8) did not meet MBC broadcast standards. The parts in question were related to the desperate situation of the females in the video, and how a line about “holding one’s breath” could be negatively interperated as promoting suicide.

However, SPICA did resubmit new lyrics which met MBC’s standards. One K-pop website translated the lyrics as:

So what, so what, so what – just stop
Choose – uh – If you leave like this, I will…

Hey baby, I’ll count to three and pull – bang bang bang
It’s time to test my luck, let it begin
If you say you’re not scared, that’s a lie – your heart is stopping
If it’s not you, I will die anyway
Things like this, things like this are not a big deal to me
When you said painful hearts and painful words are meaningless now
It ripped apart my heart – bang bang bang bang bang

* I’ll hold back, hold back till the end
The smearing tears in my blood-shot eyes
I need to hold onto you even if it’s like this
With your hand, oh, aim – bang bang bang bang bang

Coldly, coldly, I feel it with my skin
Roughly, roughly, my breath is getting quicker

The last moment where everything is on the table
If it doesn’t work, it’s over
I have nothing more to lose
I can do things that are more extreme than this
What about this? What about it? I overcame much more toxic words before
Don’t hesitate and bang bang bang bang bang

* repeat

Can you feel me, me being like this?
I’m afraid that I will lose you
I’d rather have my breath stopped
Than to lose you right now

My throat is tightening, my heart is numbing
You, you – why are you hurting me like this, making me go crazy?
Please hold onto me, finish me

Block me, block me, just this once
My blood tears that are black and melting
I will let go of everything and trust you
With your hand, oh, aim – bang bang bang bang bang

What do you think? Do the lyrics need a change?

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