Chocolat Reveals Full MV for "One More Day"

Chocolat just unveiled the full MV for their new single, “One More Day.”

Prior to the official release of the music video, the girls started promoting the song on music programs for some time now and proved that they weren’t rookies anymore with this new track which marks a rupture between their “Syndrome” days and now. Chocolat has also been showing a more mature image through the promotions of their previous single “I Like It.”

In the revealed MV, the members are taking revenge on the man who broke their hearts:

The lyrics explain, “Even if my heart hurts it’s alright, as long as I have you by my side, one more day, let me love you for one more day and then I’ll let you go. I can’t cry anymore, it’s so hard alone by myself, one more day, only one more day it will hurt and I’ll forget you.”

Watch them perform the song live in the video below.