Block B’s Silly Pictures Become Top Searched Keywords Online

The seven-member group Block B is gathering attention for a set of pictures posted on various internet communities. The pictures, which are mostly screen caps, are of the Block B members making silly faces. 

The title of the picture set was, “So Far from an Idol,” and its related keywords (in Korean) have been on the rise on portal sites. However, it is the carefree nature of these photographs that have drawn the attention of viewers. Not only are these pictures being posted all over the net, they are also being saved as .swf files.

Netizens commented that, “Not only is their music cool, but they’re also funny,” “Aren’t they yeop-sa-dol? (silly-faced, picture-taking idols),” and “The more I look at Block B, the more charming they become.”

Currently, Block B is enjoying success with their comback album’s title track “Nanlina (I Go Crazy).”