Lee Hyori Sets Up "Hyori Fund" and Donates 100 Million Won to the Elderly

Lee Hyori has set up the “Hyori Fund.”

Lee Hyori met with a charity organization, “Beautiful Foundation,” and donated a large amount of money for the elderly.

A representative of the “Beautiful Foundation” explained, “Lee Hyori met with us in Seoul on February 8 and donated 100 million won (~$100,000 USD) for the elderly.”

There is a secret meaning behind the “Hyori (孝利) Fund.” The first Chinese character (孝) “Hyo” was chosen to represent her name and the latter part  (利) “Ri” means “to benefit from.”

Hence, the name the “Hyori Fund” represents Lee Hyori’s desire to financially and morally support and help the eldery who are in dire need.

Lee Hyori has been known for actively supporting charity by raising awareness through her actions and using her celebrity status to support her cause. She has been donating large amount of money and raising funds in her name, and also uses Twitter as a way to raise people’s awareness for her constant efforts.

The “Beautiful Fundation” revealed, “Lee Hyori has been thinking about setting up this fund for some time now. She has been in talks about this project since late 2011. In December 2011, she donated 50 million won (~$50,000 USD) to the impoverished elder people, and personally delivered coal briquettes with her fans to the senior citizens who are isolated and living alone during the cold winter.”

In January, Lee Hyori joined singer Lee Juk in his effort to create “The Snail Fund” by donating 10 million won (~$10,000 USD) to financially help out teens who are supporting their families on their own.