Yang Hyun Suk: "I Like to Think of Big Bang as Six Teams"

The producer and director of YG Entertainment, Yang Hyun Suk, admits that 2011 was one of his most painful years. Two of his dearest friends and pupils had accidents in that year. Not only Daesung, but also G-Dragon got into an incident. These issues have been resolved now, but at the time of the happening, it was very hard for all of them. Daesung got involved in a tragic traffic accident and G-Dragon was accused of smoking marijuana. However, after leaving all these unlucky moments behind, Big Bang is ready to rock again this coming March. They have appeared in a few European and American cities last year, but this year they will officially start their world tour.

Yang Hyun Suk sat down for an interview with Korean local media My Daily. He commented that, “Last year was our unluckiest year. I have been caring for these boys since they were 13-year old children. It was a situation which I hardy could handle. I really felt like a parent.”

These kinds of incidents did not even happen when he was representing Seo Tae Ji  & Boys and suddenly two major incidents occurred in a short time frame. It was really hard to handle for him. However, these circumstances needed to be faced and handled with in a professional manner. Yang Hyun Suk said that he was like a parent to these guys at the moment and the Big Bang members are still very regretful about their past incidents.

He continued, “Not only me, but also the members of Big Bang have learned a very valuable lesson.” This year, however, the members of Big Bang have learned to leave their past behind them and make themselves strong again for a new beginning. He also made a great investment to broaden their scale and because Big Bang is starting to take-off on a worldwide scale, Yang Hyun Suk does not want to save on any expenses.  He also stated that, “Until now, broadcast stations and other institutes used Korean wave-singers to perform on Korean wave concerts for promotions. I do not want to do this with Big Bang. Instead of seeking others, we will let them seek for us.” He wants to make good content for the promotion of Big Bang and he wants to make these promotions efficient through the use of SNS (Social Network Sites).

He also commented that, “Big Bang consists of five members and they are a great team together. However, they are each also very capable of releasing a solo album. That is why I like to think of Big Bang, not as one team, but as six teams. They can be five separate artists, but also one group. Because Daesung has suffered a lot last year, we wanted to focus more on his solo single on the new upcoming album.”

This coming March, Big Bang will officially start their world tour “Alive Tour 2012.” Beginning in Asia, they will perform in Europe, North America and South America. According to him, “The most important features during a performance on stage are the acoustics, lightning and visuals. We have worked with many Japanese staff on these features, but we are planning to work with America’s Live Nation.” Live Nation is an American entertainment company who worked with Beyoncé and Lady Gaga in the past.

We are looking forward to their world tour!