And Korea’s Marilyn Monroe is…

In conjunction with the release of the movie “My Week with Marilyn,” a movie site asked its readers, “Which sexy Korean star is most suited to playing Marilyn Monroe?” The site collected votes from January 30 to February 9.

In third and fourth place are “Mannequin Body” Han Chae Young and 4Minute’s HyunA. With her open-minded personality, cool smile and sexy body, Kim Hye Soo took second place.The winner? Lee Hyori, with 36% of the votes.

When the site first posted the question, Hyori and Han Chae Young were tied, but a final pull by those in the Hyori camp allowed her to take the lead by a number of points. The netizens that voted for Hyori, picked her because she is sexy, glamorous, cute and pure. Seems like traits that match Marilyn Monroe well.
I’m going to leave this one to you guys– who is your pick for the Korean star that would best fit the role of Marilyn Monroe?