JYP and Kahi Get Hot and Heavy on “Dream High 2”

On the February 7 episode of “Dream High 2,” Park Jin Young (JYP) and After School’s Kahi got hot and heavy in two separate scenes, dancing intimately with each other.

In the first scene, Kahi teaches her students on how to dance with a less-skilled dance partner. She calls JYP to the front and asks him to just move up and down, in order to show how she (the more skilled dancer) can improve a duet performance on her own. Dancing to the tunes of the Wonder Girls’ “The DJ Is Mine,” Kahi puts on a show of her own, impressing the students in attendance.

Later in the episode, JYP takes the mic at a karaoke where he sings and dances to his own song, “Mmm Mmm Mmm.” During his performance, JYP brings Kahi out on the floor and gives a heated impromptu duet stage that brings a mysterious smile on Kahi’s face.

Enjoy JYP and Kahi’s “Dream High 2” dance performance below!