First Look into Shin Se Kyung in "Fashion King"

Shin Se Kyung has taken off her hanbok and is on her way to becoming a fashion queen.

Shin Se Kyung, who played a girl with a photographic memory in the popular drama, “Tree With Deep Roots,” will now play an aspiring and talented fashion designer in the new drama, “Fashion King.

She will play Lee Ga Young, an aspiring fashion designer with a painful past of losing her parents in a fatal accident. She lives with her mother’s friend, who was an employer at a clothing store.

Recently, the first filming session for Shin Se Kyung took place on the streets of Dongdaemun. She was spotted wearing a khaki green military jacket underneath a brown/gold/black shawl and a green polka dotted scarf that emphasizes her femininity. Her eye-catching fashion sense received much praise from the production staff who said, “It already seems like she completely got the character.”

After the filming was finished, Shin Se Kyung said, “Since Lee Ga Young is supposed to have a natural gift for fashion and design, my coordinator and I pay extra attention to the outfits that I will be wearing.” She continued to say later on, “Honestly, after ‘Tree With Deep Roots’ ended, I wanted to take a vacation and rest but as soon as I read over the synopsis and script for ‘Fashion King,’ I fell in love with Lee Ga Young’s character so I didn’t think twice before making my final decision to join the cast. It’s the script’s fault for preventing me from resting!”

“Fashion King” is a success story about aspiring fashion designers who started off in the small streets of the Dongdaemun market and later on becomes world-famous. “Fashion King” is being written by writers who have previously worked on “What Happened in Bali,” “Thousand Years’ Love,” “Star in My Heart” and more.