Teen Top’s Music Show Wins Made Shinhwa’s Andy Shed Tears

Idol group Teen Top has made Shinhwa’s Andy cry.

Andy, who is the creator and producer of Teen Top, has shed tears of joy when Teen Top won the #1 spot for “Going Crazy” at KBS “Music Bank” as well as SBS “Inkigayo.”

In a recent OSEN interview, Teen Top stated, “We have reached the number one spot after a year and a half since our debut. During our company dinner, Andy hyung told us, ‘This is only the beginning.’ We heard later that he cried while watching the broadcasts.”

Niel said, “Just as much as we had hardships during our practices, we felt really good when we were named number one. We felt blank at the very moment we received the prize but in all honesty, ever since we first received our track, ‘Going Crazy,’ it was such a good song, we predicted that someday we would be named number one.”

“Going Crazy” was produced by the Brave Brothers and is continuously becoming a hot topic due to Teen Top’s powerful and masculine transformation.

Check out the video from their first win on Music Bank.