SNSD Tiffany "Excited to Perform ‘The Boys’ in France for First Time"

Tiffany “I am so excited to perform ‘The Boys’ and ‘Mr. Taxi’ in Paris for the first time.”

On February 8 before the “K-Pop Festival Music Bank in Paris” Tiffany sat down with Sports Dong Ah to have a brief interview. At the interview she stated, “I am so nervous because we are going to show European fans ‘The Boys’ and ‘Mr. Taxi’ for the first time. We prepared for a long time and hope that fans will be able to enjoy the performances.”

She also stated, “On February 13, SNSD’s French album will be released and we will continue to promote the album. This upcoming performance is very significant. Because it is our second performance we want to have a perfect one and get close to European fans.”

SNSD will also be appearing on the French talk show “Le Grand Journal” February 9. The next day, February 10 will be member Sooyoung’s birthday!