Cube Entertainment Recognizes 46 Different Official Fan Websites Spanning Across 24 Countries

On February 9, Cube Entertainment recognized 46 different fan websites that spanned across 24 different countries as “official fan websites” for BEAST, 4minute, and G.NA. The countries that were covered are in North and South America, Asia, and Europe.

4minute has 15 websites from Asian countries, Brazil, Russia, Argentina, and Italy. All of those websites combined have nearly 90,000 users.

BEAST has 25,000 users from fans in 21 countries spanning 9 Asian countries, France, Spain, Mexico, Columbia, and Venezuela.

G.NA has 40,000 users across 10 countries spanning “Peru, Mexico, and Spain.”

Since January 17, Cube Entertainment was receiving applications to be approved as official websites that lasted for 8 days. From 30 countries, 150 websites applied to receive the “official status.”

The application process required reports such as the number of users, activities, and planned future activities.