SHINee Minho to Kiss SNSD Taeyeon?

We’ve already reported that Girls’ Generation’s Taeyeon was making a cameo appearance in SHINee’s Minho’s sitcom, “Salamander Guru and the Shadow Operation.” Earlier today, SBS unveiled more teaser stills of Minho leaning in for a kiss, exciting viewers.

In the series, Taeyeon cameos as the adorable granddaughter of a chaebol. In order to avoid talks of an arranged marriage at a formal gathering, she decides to escape through the window and climbs down a pole – only to fall on top of Min Hyuk (Minho). 

Regarding Taeyeon’s cameo appearance, Minho stated, “It was such a huge support. I’m extremely grateful. Even though she had a tight schedule with appearances in New York and Paris, she still made time for me and didn’t even refuse overnight filmings. 

Meanwhile, Taeyeon’s cameo appearance in the “Salamander Guru and the Shadow Operation” will air tomorrow, February 10.