Jay Park Regrets Mentioning Min Hyo Rin as His Ideal Type

Jay Park revealed that after the media reported his ideal girl was Min Hyo Rin, things became awkward between the two. Jay Park stated, “In the past, there was a time when I said ‘Sunny’s’ Min Hyo Rin is pretty. However, the media made it sound like she was my ideal girl. Afterwards, there was an awkward tension between us.” He added, “I go to the same hair salon as Min Hyo Rin. We weren’t on a greet-basis, but after the news broke, I wasn’t sure if I should say hi to her or not and felt more embarrassed.”

Jay Park confessed, “I don’t have a set ideal type. It changes whenever I watch a movie or drama and find someone attractive. Therefore, I slightly regret mentioning Min Hyo Rin back then.”

On February 7, Jay Park made an impressive comeback, releasing his first official album “New Breed.” The album quickly took over music charts all over the world, landing on the no. 1 spot on the US iTunes R&B/Soul Chart and more.