Mnet "M! Countdown" – Feb. 9, 2012

“Severely” from FT Island is named “Song of the Week” on today’s “M! Countdown.” Se7en, FT Island and MBLAQ battled it out on the top three spots on the “M! Countdown” charts.

The spotlights were on the stage for the comeback of one of K-Pop’s finest, Se7en. The trend on big comebacks continues with Se7en this week following last Thursday’s comeback from FT Island. His heartfelt track, “When I Can’t Sing,” and another single, “Somebody Else,” were recently released.

Fans of Block B’s Zico were in for a treat on today’s show as he had a lot of airtime. He went through some of the tracks on the charts in a quirky rap. It was a tandem hosting night for “M! Countdown” as MC Boom joined regular host Tony Ahn for the evening.

Se7en, FT Island, MBLAQ, Brian Joo, Block B, B.A.P, Sunny Hill, Miryo, Sweet Sorrow, Jang Jae In, Rainbow Pixie, Dal Shabet, STELLAR, SPICA, Ailee, M.Street, and Soul Harmony lit up the “M! Countdown” stage with performances today. 

Song of the Week

FT Island, “Severely”

Se7en, “Somebody Else + When I Can’t Sing”

MBLAQ, “This Is War”

Sunny Hill, featuring Block B Zico, “The Grasshopper Song”

Dal Shabet, “Hit U”

Block B, “Nanrina”

SPICA, “Russian Roulette”

Brian Joo, “Let This Die”

M. Street, “My Angel”

Jang Jae In, “One and Only You”

Video credit: shu35151226 @YT