Chinese Version of WGM to Air in Time for Valentine’s Day

The pilot episode of the Chinese version of “We Got Married” will air as a two-part special on the Chinese entertainment channel SMG at 8PM on February 13 and 14.

The Chinese version of “We Got Married” will premiere with a total of three couples.  Two of these couples will be a pairing between a Korean and a Chinese star.  The last couple will be a pairing between two Chinese celebrities.  In December, T-ara member, Hyomin, paired with the popular idol group BOBO member Fu Xin Bo (付辛博), finished filming for the show in Korea.  Meanwhile, Super Junior member Kyu Hyun paired with Chinese actress Lou Yi Xiao, and popular Chinese MC Jin Wei (金僞) paired with Chu Chi Dan (朱赤丹) filmed for their make-believe newlywed marriages in Shanghai.

Chinese version of WGM
While MBC is taking care of the planning, production, and editing stages, all the Chinese filming staff in China are under SMG’s care.  The SMG staff in charge of the filming in Shanghai have expressed opinions of curiosity and surprise at the passion and efforts put in by the Korean production staff in order to make a very realistic show.  The SMG staff were particularly impressed with how all the outdoor filming was done and how many times filming would go into the early hours of the morning.  This show is not to be missed!

MBC says, “Aside from being a simple cross-cultural exchange program, the Chinese version of WGM brings back interest to today’s youth in both countries for dating and marriage.  This show also provides the opportunity to understand each other.  Riding the KPOP wave, MBC Entertainment is giving Hallyu an upgrade.”

Currently, negotiations are being made to allow the Chinese version of WGM to air on YouTube and on Korea’s MBC Channel.