Seung Ho is MBLAQ’s Best Baby Daddy

A child-rearing expert who has been following MBLAQ as they take care of children in KBS “MBLAQ Hello Baby” and SBS “Our Baby Changed” gave her final report card to the members on February 9. The expert carefully followed them as they took care of the children and designated a “best” and “worst” dad. This time, Seung Ho was picked ast the “Best Daddy”.

During their time with the children, the members would try to gain favor with the child by giving them presents. However, what usually happened was the opposite effect. Instead of gaining favor with the child, the child instead grew distant from some of the members. The expert picked Seung Ho because his style was most similar to her own. Mir, unfortunately, earned the title of “Worst Daddy,” with 26 out of a possible 200 points. Episode 4 of “Hello Baby” aired on February 9.