SBS “K-Pop Star” Finds New Hosts for Live Broadcast in March

SBS “K-Pop Star” has found new MCs for its live broadcast slated for March. On February 9, the show’s main producer Park Sung Hoon told the press, “Yoon Do Hyun and Boom will be the live show’s MCs.”

“The teaming of Yoon Do Hyun and Boom is a completely new pair up. The reason we chose Yoon Do Hyun is for his sincerity. Most audition shows have featured announcers as MCs, so we’re expecting Yoon Do Hyun to give us a different look,” he added.

“Boom will be able to give fresh energy to the live show and relieve some of the tension in the backstage. We see him as someone who can turn the overall environment to a much better place,” the PD said regarding Boom’s casting.

Meanwhile, “K-Pop Star” finalized its final 18 contestant on last week’s episode. The live broadcast will begin on March 4 after sorting down the show to 10 finalists. The most impressive contestant so far has been Park Ji Min, Lee Ha Ee, and Michelle Lee. Here’s a video of Park Ji Min’s stunning performance of “I Believe I Can Fly.” Enjoy!