IU Graduates from High School

IU graduated from high school in the morning of February 9. The previous night, February 8, she left a message on her official fan cafe board. She wished her fellow 1993-born people congratulations on graduating, and thanked those who supported her so far. Later on the 9th, IU expressed regret that she wasn’t able to spend as much time with her teachers and friends because of her busy schedule.

A few pictures of IU taken during the graduation ceremony are making the rounds online. Let’s take a look at a few. It looks like the guy in the picture below is shocked to see IU appear in front of him.

A peace sign and the start of a new page in her life.

IU’s real name is Lee Ji Eun and she looks lovely in her graduation photograph.

IU is planning to spend time pursuing her musical activities before going to university. She is also busy preparing for her Japanese debut in March. Congrats on graduating, IU!