Wonder Girls’ Ye Eun’s Kissing Moment Interrupted by JYP

Ye Eun’s realistic kiss scene in the first episode of “The Wonder Girls” has been the latest talk surrounding the Wonder Girls. Especially, JYP’s comic acting continues to strive as one of the fan favorite moments on the show.

Ye Eun’s kiss scene played at the end of the first episode. As the couple bid farewell to each other, the male counterpart tells Ye Eun, “Don’t forget about me while you’re gone.” Ye Eun answers, “I won’t. I promise.”

“This is how we promise in America,” the guy says as they get into a lovely kissing moment. But just when things start to get heated, JYP comes out of the bus and interrupts their intimate moment, yelling, “Yenny, you’re holding up the show!”

Netizens who saw the scene commented, “Ye Eun’s first acting was good, but her kiss scene was stunning,” “Wonder Girls can act,” “Wow, the Wonder Girls keep making news overseas.”

Meanwhile, “The Wonder Girls” premiered on Teen Nick last week. Broadcasted in more than 70 million households, “The Wonder Girls” is scheduled to air more than six episodes.