Dal Shabet Ah Young’s Beauty Overshadowed By Too Much Makeup?

With the ever-increasing scrutiny of the media and netizens, celebrities must look, act and present themselves in a perfect manner. By now, we all know how ruthless and cruel some netizens can be, especially toward top stars. Although the “no make-up” concept is becoming quite popular, especially among the female stars, celebrities still pack on layers and layers of make-up to conceal their flaws and emphasize their facial features.

With that said, as we reported earlier, Dal Shabet held a large autograph event on February 4. The girls did their best to look nice for their fans. However, one particular member stood out – Dal Shabet’s Ah Young. Photos from this event showed Ah Young with very heavy make-up. Posts were being made across many different portal sites, exclaiming that Ah Young’s heavy make-up was actually doing her more harm than good. Netizens remarked that Ah Young looked much better with none to little make-up rather than a lot.

So how much is too much? Check out the photos below and decide for yourself!