Kara’s First Exclusive Concert Coming Up

Kara spoke a few words about their upcoming exclusive concert “KARASIA.” Karasia will start off with a concert at Seoul’s Olympic Park Gymnastic Stadium from February 18-19. It is the first time Kara is having an exclusive concert since their debut which was in 2007.

Kara stated, “It is not like we did not want to have a concert. We kept thinking that we still needed to improve, and suddenly time just kept passing by. During that period we had a lot of hit songs that could represent Kara. We believe that the exclusive concert will give us a chance to show different sides of Kara through the stage and performances.”

The leader Park Gyuri stated “The concert will be a chance to look back at Kara and remember moments together.” Han Seung Yeon stated, “The concert will be one where we will breathe alongside fans that have always been next to us. It will be a meaningful and thankful concert.”

Nicole stated, “Although it is a concert that I have dreamed of, so have fans. This concert is like a dream come true.” Goo Hara stated, “The audience will think that the ‘Kara Concert’ is different.” Kang Ji Young stated, “It is like I have become an adult now. I am focused now more than anytime and I will do well.”