Fuji TV Extends Lee Min Ho’s City Hunter by 6 Episodes

Lee Min Ho’s City Hunter is having an explosive reaction in Japan. Fuji TV announced through their main website that they would be extending “City Hunter in Seoul” by 6 episodes. Originally the show was only supposed to run for 20 episodes.

Japan’s broadcast of City Hunter was shorter than South Korea’s broadcast because of advertisements. That is why parts of the drama were edited out. Viewers of the show however began to voice complaints leading to Fuji TV’s decision.

City Hunter was originally broadcast in South Korea from May 25, 2011 to July 28, 2011. The episodes were each 53 minutes long, but the Japanese broadcast were trimming down the episodes to 45 minutes.

A representative of Fuji TV stated, “Currently Lee Min Ho’s popularity is increasing at a fast pace, even though it is his first appearance on Japanese TV after ‘Flower Over Boys,’ the audience is giving a positive response to Lee Min Ho’s completely different image.”