Girls’ Generation Appearance on "Le Grand Journal" and Press Conference Afterwards

As we reported before, the Girls’ Generation made their appearance on the French TV talk show “Le Grand Journal” on February 10.

Check out the clip of the performance of “The Boys” and also Sooyoung and Tiffany answering questions in French:

(The questions asked were about how the group was created and also about their thoughts on French fans)

After finishing filming of their appearance on “Le Grand Journal,” the Girls’ Generation held a press conference at the Korean Culture Center. Their they talked about appearing on the talk show.

During the press conference Sooyoung stated, “We think it is a great honor that we were able to appear on French TV after U.S. TV. During our appearance on ‘Le Grand Journal,’ the French fans sang in Korean and also gave us cheers that made the performance both comfortable and exciting.”

The Girls’ Generation also stated that there was no significant difference besides language between the U.S. and French broadcasts. They chose jet lag as the most difficult problem with having to do world tours. Also, the Girls’ Generation stated that it was regrettable that they did not have a chance to shop like they did during June 2011’s SM Town Concert.

When the press conference was about to end, the Korean Culture Center gave a cake to Sooyoung as her birthday present.

The Girls’ Generation special “The Boys” album will be released on February 13 in France.