2AM’s "Never Let You Go" is Ranked #1 on Japan’s Air-Play Charts

Within a month of being released, 2AM’s Japanese debut single has been rising to the top of the Japan Air-Play Charts.

The Japanese Research Institute revealed that, over the past month, the single had been steadily climbing the charts. A representative for the institute explained, “2AM’s debut single ‘Never Let You Go’s total amount of Air-Play for the month of January managed to propel the title song to the top of the charts” he announced.

Other K-Pop stars have entered the Japanese market, yet 2AM were the first to win such an honor by topping the chart.

Japan’s nine top radio stations broadcasting stats were examined to compile the results. These figures help to realize the popularity of 2AM throughout Japan. Thanks to the radio stations receiving many requests for the single, it was able to capture the top spot, making it even more noteworthy.

The success 2AM has achieved in Japan as well as Korea has the group aiming for a comeback sometime in March. News of the group releasing a second Japanese single was made public. The new release will contain Japanese versions of the group’s hits “You Didn’t Answer My Call” and “Like Crazy” along with a cover of singer Ken Hirai‘s “With My Eyes Closed.” Fans can expect to see the single album available on April 18. During this time the members hope to continue to devote themselves to their music.

Congrats to 2AM!