Girls’ Generation Meets Su Pearls "You Are Better Than Us"

SBSK-Pop StarSu Pearls met Girls’ Generation and received praise. The members of Su Pearls (Michelle Lee, Park Ji Min, Lee Seung Joo, and Lee Jung Mi) received training from SM Entertainment for SBS “K-Pop Star” and were visited by Girls’ Generation. The Girls’ Generation praised Su Pearl’s “The Boys” Performance.


Then, Su Pearls actually sang “The Boys” in front of the Girls’ Generation. Girls’ Generation stated, “I think all of you are better than us.”


The production team of “K-Pop Star” stated “Through the visit by Girls’ Generation the contestants had a lot more morale. The second round of training was upgraded and really showed the differences between the agencies. We hope that you will anticipate the contestants and their continued improvement.

The episode showing Su Pearls meeting the Girls’ Generation will broadcast on February 12.