Kim Sarang Reveals Tips on Debloating

On Febrary 8, Kim Sa Rang revealed three ways she quickly gets rid of bloating of the body and face on a special segment of “Star Secret Corner” from SBS “Entertainment Tonight.” 

The first method requires a baseball. Using a baseball, she rolls it along the bloated areas. Not only does this help her get rid of the puffiness, it also creates a beautiful body line.

The second method comes in a form of a mist. Every night, Kim Sa Rang boils a pot of green tea and cools it in the fridge. The next morning, she places the tea in a mist container and sprays it on her face throughout the day. This is a method she uses most often while on a set for a drama or a movie.

The final method is a healthy juice she makes herself. Kim Sa Rang says, “I take cabbage, carrot, broccoli and tomato and boil it together for about ten minutes. I then take the vegetables out and use the water to make the juice.” She put the(vegetable) water in a blender along with an apple and blends them together and then drinks it.

She makes healthy juice that not only helps her get rid of any bloating, it also helps her lose weight!

She continues, “This juice helps with detoxing the body from any impurities and it also works miracles in helping with debloating. If I drink it in the morning after waking up, it helps me get rid of any puffiness that I have much quicker and it also helps with my digestion as well as keeps me feeling full.” Therefore, the juice is not only nutritious, it helps you lose weight too. When she needs to pay extra attention to her figure, she makes a lot of the juice and stores it in the fridge to drink throughout the day.

Will you be trying out any of her methods the next time you feel bloated?