FT Island’s Impressive Sales Require More Copies to be Produced

FT Island’s newest album, sold out in the span of ten days.

First released on January 31, the fourth mini album, “Grown Up,” had much success. Since it was made available to the public, the album sold like hot cakes. By February 9, the album had sold a total of five million copies thus far.

FNC Entertainment Agency had this to say in response to the album being sold out, “We wanted to wait until the retail quantities were exhausted before we ordered the production of additional units. We never expected it to happen so quickly,” he continued, “the high praise given to the album has played a part in the monumental sales.”

The group’s album sales trends can be seen on the charts. The real-time information has been collected from the Hanteo system and the numbers prove that the album has topped both the daily and weekly charts. As for the monthly chart their surely are within FT Island’s grasp, music fans will wait for the results with great anticipation.

The album has a slow tempo ballad configuration with the title song “Severely” taking the lead. It is followed by “Even Had Lost a Friend,” “I’m a Foolish Person,” “Grown Man,” and “We Hope to Become Lovers” which make up a total of five tracks on the album. The song “Severely” tells the story of unfortunate lovers while expressing the true feelings of heartbreak and seperation.