"K-Pop Star" PD Praises BoA

Producer Park Sung Hoon from SBS “K-Pop Star” expressed gratitude to BoA at the press conference held yesterday. Park commented, “All three judges are doing great and especially BoA has been wonderful and exceeded my expectations.” 

He confessed that he was initially worried to cast BoA as one of the judges without having a prerequisite meeting before filming the show. He explained, “BoA spends a lot of time abroad and is always busy. So we couldn’t have the usual pre-filming meeting with her. I decided to go with her since I couldn’t find anyone more suitable than BoA, but was still worried that she wasn’t verified.” 

Even though Producer Park Sung Hoon was well aware of BoA’s intelligence and successful career, he could not help but to feel anxious about a unverified judge, especially since the show’s success is highly dependent on a judge’s capability. However, BoA proved that producer Park in fact did not have anything to worry about.

He explained, “As we were conducting the LA audition, I knew this was going to be successful and I made the right choice. BoA is amazing. She is humble and feminine, bringing a different charm to the show. I am so grateful to have her on the show.” Park added, “Of course, the other judges are great, too. They are doing 120% of what I can bring to the table. YG and JYP both are amazing at seeking out talents.” What do you think of BoA as a judge?