"Shut Up: Flower Boy Band" OST to Be Revealed

Shut Up: Flower Boy Band” OST sung by Actor Sung Joon will be revealed on February 12 at midnight. The leader of the band “Eye Candy,” Sung Joon sang a short part of the soundtrack, “Jaywalking,” in the most recent episode of “Shut Up: Flower Boy Band.” Netizens praised Sung Joon’s surprising talent in singing. 

“Jaywalking” is the main soundtrack of “Shut Up: Flower Boy Band” and consists of retro shuffle rhythm with modern guitar effects harmonizing Sung Joon’s charming low voice. Famous music director Lee Jae Hak, who produced songs from movies “200 Pounds Beauty” and “Take-Off,” is in charge of overall music producing of the show and wrote “Jaywalking” all by himself. Lee Jae Hak commented, “Sung Joon’s singing surprised many of us. He is really good. As the show goes on, I am going to try my best to portray the stories and struggles of ‘Eye Candy’s members through music.” 

“Shut Up: Flower Boy Band” is about a high school band named “Eye Candy” and its members’ journey in searching for the meanings of friendship, love, and passion for music. “Shut Up: Flower Boy Band” airs every Monday and Tuesday at 11pm KST on tvN.