Ivy Joins Leukemia Patients At "Clean Cinema"

Singer Ivy grabbed the public’s attention while participating in an event for leukemia patients. On February 7, Ivy wrote on her blog, “Leukemia Patients Association regularly hosts ‘Clean Cinema’ for leukemia patients. ‘Clean Cinema’ refers to a program where a movie theater goes under a complete antimicrobial treatment to invite leukemia patients and their families to watch movies.” Along with this comment, she posted some pictures, too.

In one of the photos, Ivy is signaling V with a young leukemia patient in front of the movie theater. The series of pictures Ivy revealed on her blog are not all from the day of “Clean Cinema.” In fact, some of them are from way before the event and show that Ivy has been in touch with this patient for some time now. 

Ivy commented, “We can watch movies whenever we would like to, but even this is not so easily accessible for these patients with compromised immune system. ‘Clean Cinema’ is for these patients and their families. The president of the association invited me to come by if I had time, so I went to Shindorim CGV to visit!” 

Netizens praised Ivy saying, “This could’ve been a one-time thing, but it’s really cool that you’re doing it regularly,” “You’re doing a good deed,” and “So thoughtful and caring!”