JYJ’s Yoochun Denies That He is the Unnamed Idol Who Got Blackmailed by his Ex

Earlier today, we reported that an unnamed famous male idol, “A,” aged 26, was blackmailed by a former girlfriend. The ex-girlfriend had threatened to reveal naked photos of the star unless she received ~$10 million.

During last night’s broadcast, channel JTBC had used an image of JYJ’s Yoochun when reporting the scandal, causing frenzy among netizens and JYJ fans. While the idol’s face was blotted out by a camera blur, anyone could easily spot who the photo was of. The issue became the hottest topic online, and rumors that Yoochun was the unnamed idol spread like wildfire on the internet.

A JYJ representative announced, “The unnamed idol “A” is not Park Yoochun. We are investigating why the program used Park Yoochun’s photo and plan to file a complaint.” It’s been revealed that JYJ’s management agency is preparing to take legal action against JTBC against the matter.