Girls’ Generation’s Sooyoung Celebrates 22nd Birthday

The Girls’ Generation’s Sooyoung celebrated her 22nd birthday on February 10. The birthday celebration took place in Paris, right after the press conference for their visit which includes appearances in KBS “Music Festival in Paris” and the French talk show, “Le Grand Journal.” Sooyoung was born on February 10, 1990.

To celebrate the occasion, the Girls’ Generation’s official fan club CISTUS also published a special ad on Sports Chosun, a Korean daily. The special message reads, “We’re gathering all our loving hearts to celebrate your birthday…We’ll love you until Sooyoung wins a gold medal in swimming (swimming in Korean is Sooyoung).” The last line is in reference to Sooyoung’s recent comment when she said, “I’m most envious of Yuri who can swim well.”

Happy birthday Sooyoung!