Davichi Shows Off Their Slender Bodylines with the Same Outfits

Davichi members, Kang Min Kyung and Lee Hye Ri, showed off their superior bodylines.

Kang Min Kyung uploaded two pictures on her Twitter with the caption: “Our duo I love you, it is delicious” on February 10.

In the revealed pictures, Kang Ming Kyung and Lee Hye Ri look happy from the presents that their fans sent. The singers also gained interest for their comeback stage outfits. The green dress with black leopard prints emphasized the women’s pale skin and slender bodylines.

Fans and netizens who saw the pictures reacted with diverse responses: “Hye Ri unnie is the best,” “The dress is too short you too,” and “Looks delicious!”

Meanwhile, Davichi had their comeback stage on the same day on KBS “Music Bank” with their song “I Will Think of You.”